Busy week, no time for asana

Life has a funny way of reminding me the all too real saying, “when it rains, it’s pour.” 

I’ve come to accept that while balance is a goal, it is not always personally achievable. Just like the gymnest on a balance beam, once you loose focus of your conscious, lucid effort to maintain balance, you fall. 
On weeks when nothing seems to go my way, it feels next to impossible to carve out a few minutes to complete a physical yoga practice. Taking the time to practice takes both self-discipline and fortitude to maintain boundaries for inevitable time conflicts. This is something I am personally working on.

On weeks such as this, I opt for small moments of meditation and reflection. Small moments when I can close my eyes and take a few deep conscious breaths. Small moments when I can calm my churning mind. 

It just so happens that these moments tend to occur on public transportation to and from work. I would prefer a large, serene, grassy green field rather than a noisy train car, but with imagery and other visualization techniques, one can really be anywhere and still practice yoga, the yoking of the mind and body. 

No excuses. Do your yoga. 


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