My First Paid Yoga Gig

Crow pose at home yoga
There is always time for yoga
About three weeks ago I had an audition at a gym that I thought I had completely and totally flopped. The gym was noisy and unfamiliar. At the audition, I was unusually quiet and not quite sure what I was doing. I felt feeling certain they wouldn’t hire me. 

I followed up by email and, much to my surprise, I learned that the talent scout was seriously considering me for the open position! In fact, she has an open night next Tuesday evening and invited me in to cover the class. 

*small celebration dance*

This class draws a great mix of people with all levels of yoga skill. And evening classes tend to draw 20-30 people. This will be the largest group of students I’ve taught outside of my teacher training. 

I’m feeling nervous and excited about this opportunity all at the same time. This week, I’ve been feeling heart openers in my personal practice. Who knows that next week will bring!

Wish me luck!


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