Review: Crushing on Yoga Crush 

I was recently surfing Facebook for yoga business related Facebook Groups and stumbled upon an amazing resource that I wanted to share with you.

 It’s called: YogaCrush.

Specifically I have tuned into the amazing hour long yoga business podcasts that are regularly published and incredibly addicting. 

The host and owner, Suzanne Moscovitch, is intelligent, femanine and quickly becoming one of my own personal yoga crushes. If you listen along, you’ll soon find out that a Yoga Crush is a entrepreneur who has successful build a unique business in the yoga world. 

Each week Suzanne interviews a different Yoga Crush who openly shares his/her own personal experiences, both the successes and the lessons learned, as they launched their own yoga business. Topics range from marketing to designing a successful retreat. I am hooked!

If your in the yoga business or flirting with the idea of opening your own business, I’d highly recommend you check these podcasts out. Check the link below.

Yoga Crush logo
Crushing on Yoga Crush

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