Putting it Bluntly: Preparing for your first yoga class

Be prepared to do something with your body and your mind that you’ve probably never done before. Be prepared to be a little uncomfortable or even frustrated with your body, with the teacher, the the other students in the room.

The first class and every class there after is a challenge, but the yoga does the work and over time the practice sinks in. With discipline, you will find the sweetness and newness of each challenge met in your yoga practice

So, be prepared for that.

How to prepare for physical practice:
-Eat a well balanced meal at least 3  hours before the class but no less and 1 hour…. you don’t want to feel full while bending and twitching in your class.

-Hydrate. Be sure to consume enough water throughout the day and plan to replenish liquids from sweat loss.

-Try to center yourself and come to class with an open mind.

What to Wear and Bring with you:
– stretchy comfortable pants. I prefer long or 3/4 length leggings because it prevents skin friction that may occur in shorts.

-easy to move in top (tank, short sleeves or long sleeves)

-personal yogs mat. While I can appreciate saving money, do yourself a favor and purchase your own yoga mat. You know that feeling when you touch something wet or sticky on a public railing or on a doorknob…. why would you want to bring that feeling to yoga? For sanitary reasons as well as your ability to relax on what may eventually become a little home away from home as your take your yoga journey– get your own mat.

-water to hydrate a little throughout class

-(optional) towel or yoga towel for extra hot and sweaty classes

-(optional) yoga bag to keep your self organized

-(optional) other yoga props that you are working with. Most studios have plenty of props on hand but anything more unique that you feel comfortable to independently introduce into your studio yoga pactice is certainly welcomed by most teachers.


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