Rainy Morning Yoga

This weekend I had been looking forward to an Equinox yoga event on Lawn on D, but Mother Nature had other ideas for me. It rained for most for most of the morning and the event managers sent out an email stating the session had been cancelled. 

Line the candles up on the front edge of the mat

So I lit candles and opened the windows wide so I could hear the rain falling. I opted for a slow, rainy morning sequence with lots of elegant twists and hip openers. I have been working on my headstand for a few weeks now and was able to hold today’s headstand for 3 seconds. 

Slow vinyasa is one of the most graceful and elegant forms of yoga. I love closing my eyes and allowing my body to really flow with the pattern of my inhales and exhales. When I practice at home and I’m moving in my own rhythm I am best able to achieve this. 

I am feeling centered and relaxed easing into my day with the sound of the rain.

Favorite Rainy Morning Poses:

  • Humble Warrior
  • Crescent twist
  • Lizzard 
  • King Pigeon
  • Three legged dog 

    Mat: Vagabond Goods


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